C o n v e r s a

C a s u a l


“So where did you guys meet?” Rodrigo asked.

“El mundo del Rock N Roll” answered Claudio.


Two old acquaintances meet at a local bar, surrounded by passively hostile natives, grab a pitcher of beer and sit down to talk, unconsciously attempting to camouflage themselves. Neither can clearly remember the last time they saw each other, or to state a specific reason why they got together.


A living arrangement struck over the phone where two best friends decide to co-habit with a foreign male. A party is thrown a couple of months later, with an ad hoc band formed just for the event. Neighbors receive invitation with pseudo-Wiccan implications, to great spirit and general debauchery.

The producer behind his laptop and the songwriter on his barstool and notebook, toiling away to make sense of circumstance. Hours wasted in the graveyard shift as the last patrons decide to leave the bar, to receive the day’s pay and maybe meet someone interesting.

For the sake of Conversa.

Music project started by Alfonso Hernandez, a Venezuelan ex-pat then-residing in Austin, TX. Produced by Claudio Ramirez.


This life is what we do today.

For the Yearning.



Presentemente en Buenos Aires, Argentina